Here is a list of art articles:

The following are Links to interesting art sites (The posting date is to the left)

(2.4.18) How Derwent Pencils are made Here

(2.3.18) Fat over lean Here

(2.3.18) Learning about different greys in watercolor Here

(1.26.18) Scumbling Here

(1.19.18)Removing unwanted brush marks Click

(1.5.18) Understanding oil mediums Click

(9.22.17) Understanding Oil blacks here

(8.28.17) Transparent vs. Opaque Here

(8.14.17) The art of glazing -W&N Here

(8.7.17) This is an interesting treatment for vine charcoal Here

(8.4.17) Do you like these paintings? See them

(8.2.17) Crazy? Look at this Here

(8.2.17) Interesting? here

(7.12.17) Do you know what one-point perspective is? Look

(7.5.17)Do you want to look at a complete list of artists and see examples of their work? From Bierstadt to Zorn Here

This is a WN article on Titanium white vs. Zinc White. Here

Here is a link about paintmaking. Here

Here is a short video about oil blacks Here

What? A Magic marker from W/N click here

Using Liquin for Impasto and Oliopasto Here

One of my favorite moves in W/C -wet in wet. here

W/N presents a video on opacity vs. tranparency. Here

Did you ever wonder what the real difference in Professional and Student grade was?
Well, here is a nice video showing the difference in WN oil and Winton oil. here

W/N presents another MasterClass -explaining Prussian Blue Here

W/N Masterclass - Benefits of adding Gum Arabic to watercolor here

The "Look at" stage of a painting Here

Watercolor - layering example Here

Gamlin oil presents color - Great article on color

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