The Juror for 2019 is Wendy Elliot-Pyle of New Market.

Wendy Elliott-Pyle is a studio artist and college-level art educator. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with a major in Metals. Wendy continued her studies - interwoven with her art education career - at Moore College, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Drexel University's Creativity and Innovation program. She is a member of the American Creativity Association. Along with the range of 2D and 3D media she continues to explore, Wendy is now enjoying a focus on encaustic painting. "An Artist’s Journey," says Wendy, "is profoundly bound together by the soul’s ability to be aware, observe, creatively express, conceptualize, and translate experiences, perceptions, dreams, and visions found within conscious and subconscious states of existence." Wendy recently relocated to the Lakeway area.

Her web page is