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The juror's statement after the fact

Dear Carmallita,
Thanks again for inviting me to jury. Here’s a brief statement that I would like you to read for tonight’s reception. Thanks again.

Dear Morristown artists and community,

It was a privilege to jury this year’s annual Juried Art Exhibition. I would like to thank Carmalitta, Peggy and the rest of the Morristown Art Association for inviting me and sharing the creativity of your regional artists. I hope you all enjoy the exhibition as I excitedly juried and curated the selection. What I present to you is a celebration of art and it’s practitioners in Morristown, though we were not able to include everything and everybody’s.
It is my hope that you all get to appreciate the breadth of creativity from your community. Jurying is always a difficult task, as a curatorial strategy, I tried to learn what the artists are doing and tried to weave multi-narratives from among the entries. Evidenced on the grouping of works, I see how strong some of the works in terms of technique and I wanted to celebrate the diverse subject matter that the participants were committed in. Some of you may notice the wall of portraits, though all distinct in style, they remind us of art history and the significance of the human figure in the visualization of our cultural development, evidenced by the works of Michael Everidge and Marie Merritt.    Another strong impact for me was the depiction of the landscape, from the traditional to the experimental collage. One of the most prominent are the works of Renee Suich entitled ‘harmony’ that gave us such a lovely interpretation of the landscape interwoven by music notes, to me, a homage to the strong musical tradition in the Appalachian culture. This work is contrasted by the work (best of show) of Jennifer Stoneking-Stewart with its dark, humorous narrative yet poignant symbolism. It’s collaged elements and strong point of view has balanced the conceptual and exceptional technique that earned its honor as best of show. As I learned later that the trust is also an art educator, I am pleased to know that our youth are fortunate to have her as a mentor.

Though I can’t mention everyone’s work, I would like to take a few moment to recognize my appreciation to the works of Bobby Baxley and Bo Bradford, both addressing issues of health and disability, as well as emerging artist Kelly Dorton who is coping with experiences of loss, yet all gave us some of the most memorable images of ‘home’. I hope that each of you take away something out of the exhibition, a renewed sense of fresh excitement to create and appreciate art and its diverse forms.

Thank and good evening.

Please provide the names I left my cheat sheet.

Thanks again In solidarity,

Karlota Karlota I. Contreras-Koterbay
Director, Slocumb Galleries
Box 70708, ETSU
Johnson City TN 37614

Carmalitta submitted several photos of the Judging