MAA Event Calendar

Except for June and December our meetings convene in the Community Room
Rose Center Council for the Arts
Morristown, Tennessee
at 7:00 PM
Current Newsletter

2019 Date     Programs: Will be updated as they occur in 2019.

Light print are 2018 programs.

Description, Refreshment providers and the current challenge. Current challenge is for 2019
January   22 Mike Everidge led a demo/participation in drawing a face
Members' show at the library


Challenge:   2019 Native American

February   26  Frances Maynard will talk about her art

Irene Lawrence at the Library

Challenge:2019 Your idea of an Angel

March  26  Kathy Frankford - screen printer

Irene Lawrence at the Library

Challenge:2019 Your idea of a demon


April 23 James Taylor - didn't show.

Four MAA Members at the Library-Rouse,Maynard,Luttrell,Cole

Challenge 2019: Your Signicicant other or best friend's Left Eye


May 28 Let's try again- W. James Taylor

Four MAA Members at the Library-Rouse,Maynard,Luttrell,Cole

Challenge:2019 something representing spring


June month  Juried art show
June 25

Chris Smith at the Library

 Picnic and Directions here

Picnic - no meeting, no challenge

Members are to bring covered dish-meat and drink are paid by MAA

 July 23 At the library: Chris Smith

Challenge: 2019 Still life- vegetables

August 28

Program info:

at the Library:Raymond Tolman

A new member from Hot Springs, NC does some interesting paintings and finishes them in an interesting way. Steffunny Moon.

Challenge:2019 People in the lake. pool, or creek

September 25

Raymond Tolman at the Library

Program info: Carol Rouse brought several of her art students who spoke of their love of art and what they do with their art.

2019 Challenge: Hurricane or Storm

Challenge: Your Backyard

Refreshments: Ruby French

October 23

Fine art photography Show at Library

Program info: Mike Everidge demonstrates and teaches how to do caricatures

Nominating committee -present officers

2019 Challenge : Panther Creek State Park

Challenge: Farm Scene

Refreshments:Ray and Judy Tolman

November 2018-27

Fine art photography show at Library

Vote on officers

Program info: Betty Bulen, an accomplished artist will discuss her work

2019 Challenge: What you want from Santa OR a view out of a window

Challenge: Like old time painters, compose a painting with a triangle base composition

Refreshments:Vincent and Donna Aarons



Members' Show this month and January at Library

   No meeting-
  Merry Christmas
Memberships are due for 2019-if paid before the end of Dec. you get all the benefits of membership

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