MAA Event Calendar

Except for June and December our meetings convene in the Community Room
Rose Center Council for the Arts
Morristown, Tennessee
at 6:00 PM

Date   Programs: Will be updated as they occur in 2022.
Description, Refreshment providers and the current challenge. Current challenge is for 2022
January   25

Program:Dan Gibson Gave a demonstration of using a Pallet knife to paint with acrylics

Challenge: Icecicles or ice on an object

February   22 

Program:Carmalitta gave a demo on how to start a watercolor using plastic wrap

Challenge:A building in downtown Morristown

March  22 

Program: The AP art students will give a demonstration

Challenge:Fancy or Easter Hat -

Refreshments: -------------

April 26

Program:Anita Crane

At the Library: Sita Loop,Jared Blackburn, Jim Palmer, Peggy Brewer, Mike Sandlock

Challenge :A daffodil or Iris


May 24

Program:Members:Deirdre McAdams/Jim Hodge

At the Library:At the Library: Sita Loop,Jared Blackburn, Jim Palmer, Peggy Brewer, Mike Sandlock

Challenge:A train in Morristown

Refreshments: -----------

June entire month


Juror and Bio

Entrants may submit 3 pieces. $20 each - members who joined by Dec. 31, $15 each

Pieces are to hang for the entire month of June

June 28

PICNIC PLACE: Place will be MLK, jr park in main Pavilion

At the Library:Raymond Tolman and Sita Loop


Picnic - no meeting, no challenge

It was decided to bring your own food plus a dessert to share; drinks, tools and napkins will be provided by MAA

 July 26


At the Library:Raymond Tolman and Sita Loop

Challenge:A boat on Cherokee Lake


August 23


at the Library:Kathy Frankford

Challenge:An old building; barn, shed, or house

September 27


At the Library: Kathy Frankford

Appoint Nominating Committee

Challenge: A building at WSCC (e.g. Library)


October 25

Program: ------------

At the Library:Monica Byington

Nominating committee -present officers

Challenge:A tree with fall colors


November 22


At the library:Monica Byington

Vote on officers

Challenge:A dedication to a Veteran

Refreshments: ------------------



Members' Show this month and January at Library

   No meeting-
  Merry Christmas
Memberships are due for 2023-if paid before the end of Dec. 2022 you get all the benefits of membership Why do we want dues before Dec. 31? It is because there is lots of work putting members into a database and collecting the fees and keeping records. It gives your officers time to enjoy Christmas without all the paperwork that goes with issuing new members. Members' data have to go on the web page, the Access data base and into the e-mail list - all three are separate. And the treasurer must reconcile the books for audit.

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