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Here is members' space to buy or sell items.

If you wish you may even send a photograph of the item.

Be sure to include a way that artists can cotact you.

I'm thinking I will let the ad run for 2 months to keep it fresh . If you want to continue, you must tell me before that time and tell me how much longer it needs to run.


Attached are photos of art tables and benches that apparently belong to MAA. These are in the basement at Rose Center. There are 5 tables and 4 benches. Jim is posting on the website. If you are interested, make an offer to Jim and the money will go to MAA. If you want one of these items, you will need to make arrangements with Don Needham, 423-231-0990, to arrange for pickup.

You need to act quickly because they need to be moved out of the space very soon Peggy Brewer 423-312-8325

Posted 4/16/18

Sold 4/25/18

Contact info Tom and Cathy Teller at 423-581-0020 or

. Buyer may come here, or make other arrangements. We could bring it to the next MAA meeting to make the exchange, if someone was interested.

The top is silver which reflects the sunlight for a cooler area underneath This photo is a representative photo

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