Kristi Banas



BIO Kris's art career began when she retired from the workforce in 2019. She has always had a flair for crafting and could replicate just about anything she saw, but with her own style. When she discovered her style of painting "fluid abstract" in acrylics, she could use her ability for making colors work together, and that's her favorite part, along with composition. After a few attempts at this style, she jumped in head-first and purchased paints and canvases, and never looked back. She has extended her medium to vases, coasters, tiles, and jewelry. Kris says she names each piece she paints because they are like her kids so she has to give them a name. Kris loves to listen to many different types of music while she paints, and she gets inspiration from the song that is playing when she begins working on a piece of art.