Kathy Frankford
email kathyfrankford@gmail.com

Kathy Frankford biography:Kathy has an interest in the arts, graphic arts, photography, and paints. Started at a young age of 12. She and her husband own and runs B.K. Graphics. From there is where she taught her- self how to run a graphics program, so from there she did the graphics art for 19 years before retiring, she started to paint. She is self taught. Since then, she has took leaps and bounds in her art. She works in oils, acrylic, and mix mediums. Her favorite is acrylic. She has now been studying under Cinnamon Cooney. Only two more paintings to get a certification in art. She has shown her work servals times in art galleries in Knoxville, TN, and Morristown Library, Been in serval juried art shows, and won awards at county fairs.


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