Dan Gibson

webpage http://dangibsonart.blogspot.com/
Phone: 423-200-4587
email dangibsonart@gmail.com

Dan Gibson is a native of Scott County and now makes his home in Hamblen County. He has been an active member of the Morristown Art Association for several years. Before moving to Hamblen County he was a member of the art association C.H.R.O.M.A. and was very active in the Knoxville art community. Gibson's work is quite varied; he uses many different mediums and works in many different styles from peaceful landscapes to vibrant abstracts. He also enjoys painting on eggshells that have been glued to canvas and other surfaces.

A challenge that Gibson faces as an artist is the fact that he is colorblind. Fellow artist have said it gives Gibson's work individuality. "Green and brown look the same to me, and I have trouble with seeing the colors blue and yellow. I have to be very careful with my art. I see colors, but I'm just not sure if it's the same color everyone else is seeing. Sometimes I don't worry about it and just let it come out however it comes out." states Gibson.

Since the 1990's Gibson's work has been shown in several locations in Tennessee, been accepted into many different juried exhibits and won many awards. He states, "I like for people to relate to my work in their own personal way. Most of my paintings tend to be very colorful and vibrant. I hope the viewer will be drawn into my paintings and have their own interpretation of what they see and feel. I want my art to evoke different emotions. I paint every day and enjoy the serenity it gives back to me. I have a saying which is especially true for me: "Art is my Life and Life is my Art."

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