Arts in the Park info

At the July meeting, MAA members voted to change the date and location for Arts In The Park as requested by Morristown Parks and Recreation. We will join in with the Celebration of the opening of the new Heritage Park. We introduced the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Park, in 2007, with the first Arts In The Park; and now we will help with the opening of Heritage Park.
"A Salute To Heritage Park Grand Opening Celebration" will include national and local entertainment, recognition of Morristown College's alumni, food trucks and local restaurant fare, tethered balloon rides, the annual Arts In The Park event, and inflatables for the children. A Salute To Heritage Park will conclude with fireworks, and entry to the event is free.
Arts In The Park is an opportunity for MAA Members and nonmembers to display, sell, and demonstrate two-dimensional art, sculpture, artistic photography, and crafts.
Following is MAA information about Arts in The Park. All MAA members are encouraged to participate. The deadline for submitting your application or commitment form is October 19.

david aitp


fine Detail LOOK "ARTS & PARK" label. We have only a small spot. We will park going up the old road between the park and the cemetery. At this time there is not enough room for all our displayers. I have asked that they re-gravel the old road because if it is wet, people can get stuck. They want to park 400 cars there. HA HA. Doubt it would hold 50.