MAA Event Calendar

Except for June and December our meetings convene in the Community Room
Rose Center Council for the Arts
Morristown, Tennessee
at 7:00 PM
Current Newsletter

Date   Programs: Will be updated as they occur in 2020.
Light print are 2019 programs.

Description, Refreshment providers and the current challenge. Current challenge is for 2019
2020 Challenge posted
January   28

Program:Raymond Tolman will talk about hieroglyphics

Members' show at the library

Challenge:   2020 A Clown

Refreshments:Tom and Cathy Teller, Dan Gibson
February   25 

Program:Jim Palmer lead a drawing expo on measuring

At the library yr.2020:Luttrell,Rouse,Cole, Maynard

Challenge:A generic pet painting to be donated to Noah's Arc.

Refreshments:Charlie and Carmalitta Barbour
March  24 

Program:Cancelled due to Covid-19 fears

At the library yr. 2020:Luttrell,Rouse,Cole, Maynard

Challenge:2020 A night scene with a moon

Refreshments: -------------

April 28

Program:Cancelled due to Covid-19 fears

At the Library: Closed

Challenge 2020: A bug- a six legged insect


May 26

Program:Cancelled due to Covid-19 fears

At the Library:Closed

Challenge:2020 A plein Aire outing -group painting

Refreshments: -----------

June entire month

Cancelled due to Covid-19 fears

Juror and Bio here

CANCELLED Entrants may submit 3 pieces. $15 each - members who joined by Dec. 31, 2019- $10 each

Pieces are to hang for the entire month of June

June 23

At the Library:Dan Gibson and Mike Everidge

Picnic has been CANCELED.

CANCELLED Picnic - no meeting, no challenge

Members are to bring covered dish-meat and drink are paid by MAA ----MAYBE NEXT YEAR

 July 28


At the library:Dan Gibson and Mike Everidge

Challenge:2020 A painting of your pallet or your work area


August 25

Program: Waiting to be announced if we will have a meeting-----------

at the Library: Kathy Frankford

Challenge:2020 Tools you have used

September 22

Program 2020--------------

At the Library: Kathy Frankford

Appoint Nominating Committee

Challenge: 2020 A Ship in a storm - after Robert Salmon 1848 - Look him up


October 27

Program: 2020------------

At the Library: Betty Bullen

Nominating committee -present officers

Challenge: 2020 Crystals or genstones


November 24


At the library: Betty Bullen

Vote on officers

2019 Challenge: What you want from Santa OR a view out of a window

Challenge: 2020 A musical Instrument

Refreshments: -------



Members' Show this month and January at Library

   No meeting-
  Merry Christmas
Memberships are due for 2021-if paid before the end of Dec. 2020 you get all the benefits of membership Why do we want dues before Dec. 31? It is because there is lots of work putting members into a database and collecting the fees and keeping records. It gives your officers time to enjoy Christmas without all the paperwork that goes with issuing new members. Members' data have to go on the web page, the Access data base and into the e-mail list - all three are separate. And the treasurer must reconcile the books for audit.

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