Members with colored last names posted have photos to show. The small zero denotes paid after Dec.31

L. Name F. Name After Dec31 Phone
Aarons Donna & Vincent
Armstrong Lois (865)680-4235
Baxley Bobby
Brace Diane Unlisted
Brewer Peggy(423)312-8325
Coral Eliza
Everidge Mike (423)307-7061
Frankford Kathy o (423) 748-1920
Gracey Patty
Kelly Donna
Luttrell Judy
Lynch Doris
Mann Ruth
Merritt Marie (865)828-4821
Moon Steffunny (828) 622-7146
Moses Doug
Palmer Jim (423)587-6609
Parrish Jeanette (423)
Richards Lois (423)278-8153
Rouse Carol
Sandlock Mike (423)581-3025
Sturdivant Bill
Teller Cathy (423) 587-0020
Teller Tom (423) 581-0020
Trobaugh Cindy (423)586-7175
Wolf Brynn
Word Pat