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" Artists in the local area are represented by MAA the ONLY organization for fine artists of two and three dimensional art "


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I have been instructed by your MAA president to ask for input on our meeting time.
for 45 years we met at 7PM until recently we set it at 6PM. In talking with potential members at Arts in the Park several of us have found that people want to join but they cannot get to the meeting at 6PM due to work.
e.g. to work in Greeneville until 5PM and try to get to Morristown by six is just too difficult for 2 ladies who work in the Federal Court.
Those who voted to meet at 6PM could attend at 6PM but those who could not make it until 7PM were not there to vote to keep it at 7PM.

Please send your comments or response to our President: Janette Parrish at

I have been working up a workshop idea on Composition and I want to know who all would like to participate. I already have a few who have said they would like to attend. It would be held at Rose Center and most likely later in the evening. A couple of ladies who stopped by my tent at Arts in the Park said they needed classes to be after 6PM because of their work. So if you would like to be included, tell me what time (if any) would be best for you. I would think we need a group of maybe ten because I want to have some group interaction and even discussion.
Contact me at with your suggestions and if you would attend.

Mike Everidge had the program for September

He demonstrated the use of a digital tablet to draw

Challenge: For Oct. "The spires of 3 churches or cupolas of 3 buildings"

To see photos of the previous meeting, Click here

Artist of the month

This month we celebrate Peggy Brewer

To see her work click here

Art Education Forum

I have some favorite artists. Do you? Let me list two and then ask for you to look them up.

1. My first is Gustave Calliabot who lived too short a life to produce many paintings
2. The second that I just recently discovered and love his work is Edouard Leon Cortes. Here is one of his.

Would you be prepared to write down your two favorite artists? I will then post some of them on this website for others to see

Kristi Banas has suggested Marita Parisi

Peggy Brewer has listed 3 artists that she likes. Robert Wade (Australian), Tom Lynch, Richard McKinley. Look these up!

Richard McKinley -pastelest

Tom Lynch

Robert Wade

From Clarissa Mata-malcolm. Her favorite was Georgia O'keeffe.

Look up Georgia O'keeffe

This was suggested by Deirdre McAdams

klimt klimt klimt

Look up Gustav Klimt, a German artist.

Artists often talk of the Golden Mean when they are composing or planning a painting.?

What is the Golden mean?

Answer: ______________________

Art Happening at the Morristown-Hamblen Library

You must be a member to show in the Library: To see a list of members go to "members" at the top of this page or click here

You must sign this (PDF) agreement to show in the library and turn the signed document over to the secretary (Click)

We have decided to change the Library presentation for 2023. Instead of an individual or two showing, it was suggested to have a theme for the two months. Below you can see the suggested theme. This will continue into 2024 and if some individual wants to post instead of the theme, then contact Mike Sandlock and we will work out a time.

Dec.'23 and Jan. '24

Members' show-Remove Jan. 31st

Feb. and Mar. '24
Body of Water

Apr. and May '24

Jun. and Jul. '24

Aug. and Sep '23

Oct. and Nov. '23
Tom Teller Honor Exhibit

Dec. '23 and Jan '24
Members' show

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