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Artists in the local area are represented by MAA the ONLY organization for fine artist of two and three dimensional art

OFFICERS: Pres. - Raymond Tolman 1st VP - Frances Maynard, 2nd VP - Carmalitta Barbour, Treasurer- Patty Gracey, Secretary- Brynn Wolf

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Looks like these Library months will be closed April-May here
Of all the responses that I received requesting input on allowing Betty Bullen to show in Oct.-Nov slot they all
felt that she should show then

Artist of the month

This month, we celebrate Betty Bullen. To see her work, Here


Famous Artists

I will be putting various paintings up and you can guess who the artist is.

They will start easy. As we progress, you may need to search the internet to find the name of the artist. This complies with the mission of MAA - Education!!


Who is the artist ? Do you know? Previous artist was Georgia O'Keef - did you know??

Art Happening at the Morristown-Hamblen Library

You must be a member to show in the Library: To see a list of members go to "members" at the top of this page or click here

Do you want to look at the photos enlarged? Here is how. Right click on the photo and when a text box pops up with choices, choose "Open in a new tab" and then go to that tab. The photo will be full screen.

Next you may click on the picture and it will enlarge even further. The same process will apply to almost any picture on the web

Dec.'20 and Jan. '20

Members' Show

Feb. and Mar. '20

Maynard, Rouse and Cole

Apr. and May '20

Closed Due to Covid-19 virus

Jun. and Jul. '20

Dan Gibson and Mike Everidge

Aug. and Sep '20

Tracy Teall

Oct. and Nov. '20

Betty Bullen

Dec. and Jan '21

Members' show

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